"Don't Pull Your Hair Out!"

6 Steps to Destroy Your Stress

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Presenter(s): Labron Jae Allen, naturopath

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This LIVE Webcast is for you if:


1. You find yourself dwelling in the past or in the future most of the time and have noticed special moments have just slipped by.


2. You'll be excited about releasing the negativity that may be keeping you from joy in life.


3. You're ready to have razor focus and concentration instead of racing thoughts that you can't turn off.


4. You're ready to get rid of chronic physical pain and tense muscles.


5. You're done with always feeling guilty about taking it out on your kids or significant other.


6. You know you're a worrier, but you have no idea how to stop it.


7. You're ready for a Done-For-You Program that gives you direction and accountability.





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